Chartwell Telecom supplies a range of services to its enterprise and service provider customers. Its primary focus is on the provision of end to end private network communications, but it can also provide additional public network services through its partners, as part of a package.


For our enterprise customers, we essentially satisfy their need to intercommunicate using voice and data between their various facilities/offices in the regions where we operate. This includes virtual private networking (VPN) for corporate communications, and also secure data transfer for mission critical data such as financial information in the banking sector.


Specific customer requirements are matched to a selection of options in each service offering, and Chartwell Telecom will ensure that the network is implemented and managed effectively.


Chartwell Telecom’s local staff and facilities provide installation, support, maintenance and customer care.


International Corporate Private Networks

Services for Carriers



VSAT connection

Financial Telecommunication

Technical audits and analysis

Providing telecommunication equipment

Co-location & Hosting services



International Corporate Private Networks

A range of private network services, based on options of point to point/multipoint, virtual private networks, Voice over IP networks, targeted at companies requiring a high level of intercommunication between locations/facilities in any combination of UK, Scandinavia, Baltics, Russia and Ukraine.


  •  Point to Point/Multipoint Services

Provides dedicated voice and data connectivity between remote offices.

Main features offered are:

  • Dedicated connection to ensure high quality communications
  • LAN to LAN connectivity
  • Variety of transmission speeds
  • Abbreviated dialing between offices
  • Internet connection

Customer Implementation:

  • Customer’s selects route in its network and sends data or voice using internally set up numbering scheme/point identity
  • Customer can contract for different speeds depending on use
  • Customer pays flat rate on monthly basis depending on transmission rate
  • Incoming calls to company can be routed across the network
  • No-Guaranteed-Throughput IP VPN Services

Offers the corporate customer a full private network based on IP addressing and packet transmission. This enables the customers to create a network for voice (optional) and data between a number of national or international remote sites.

The price of the service is reduced by using IP facilities which provide reasonable quality transmission but do not provide a guarantee of a specific throughput, and transmission competes with the other transmissions on the network.

Customer Implementation:

  • Customer is assigned a series of IP addresses and Customer Premises router equipment to connect to the ISP
  • Networking is then achieved in the normal Ethernet style approach
  • If voice is required over the IP VPN, the routers will have the ability to connect telephone devices via VIC, or IP telephones can be supplied
  • Guaranteed Throughput IP VPN Services

Offers the corporate customer a full private network based on IP addressing and packet transmission. This enables the customers to create a network for voice and data between a number of national or international remote sites.

The customer is guaranteed a level of throughput, and a level of voice quality.

The service is based on either the leasing of capacity from a sole multinational IP VPN provider, or alternatively, by Chartwell creating its own IP network  terminations and using international transmission capacity from a third party(ies).

Customer Implementation:

  • As Non Guaranteed, but in all cases here, voice can be offered.
  • Different SLA levels are in place



Services for Carriers

Chartwell Telecom offers specific services to communications service providers, in conjunction with its service provider partners. In relation to our partners, we enable them to provide network connectivity in situations where they are remote and have no local presence. In this way, we build a close relationship based on mutual need, and servicing of our enterprise clients' needs. 

Partnership in sense that we can deliver value by sharing service delivery value chain, reach the maximum output by not doing all the things on your own. If demand persists then carrier services, network design (consultancies) and collocation services can be offered to the service providers, but not on a stand alone basis.



Internet Services

Targeted at enterprises which require general internet services, provides access to the internet as part of the overall service package offered by Chartwell Telecom. This service is offered with partner’s infrastructure any countries.


  • Broadband Internet Access via Broadband wireless or DSL networks


 Through Broadband resale, Chartwell Telecom provides the enterprise with internet access for higher speed download, permanently-on connections and fast response.

 Customer Implementation:

  • Customer supplied with Network Termination Unit(s)
  • Chartwell installs them
  • Customer connects using PC icon and can stay connected


  • Wireless local access networks (Wi Fi)


Chartwell Telecom is providing wireless services for our corporate accounts and medium accounts. Our potential customers are hotels, business centres and company offices which are willing to have cable less offices or premises.


Chartwell can provide following business models for our customers and service providers:


  • Wireless LAN as an access point for enterprise customer who travels, connects to the Intranet to get sales materials or brochures. Cheaper access then through GPRS service;
  • Access to the internet using IPsec from the Wireless LAN service area. Access is established through the gateway and IP VPN. Access is secured with the IPsec encryption. Potential customers are mobile SOHO businesses.
  • Franchise business model. Collect enterprise business partners and expand Wireless Lan service areas. Approach is relevant for restaurants, building owners or other public places. Cost of the access point is shared between the enterprises and service provider;


ISP Bandwidth Services

Provision of bandwidth and connectivity to international ISPs/carriers, and provision of access to remote ISPs.



 RealTelex Services

RealTelex is a PC software based transmission system running under Windows that provides real time telex, where the sender is in online connect with the called party, in conjunction with store+forward messaging to telex and/or fax receivers.


RealTelex clients connect directly into their host exchange via either dial-up telephone lines or the dedicated connection with Internet at which stage encoded password verification is performed.


If RealTelex is required to support inbound telex, then a dedicated telex number, as allocated  to a specific user, must first reside on the host exchange.


If an incoming telex call is made to a number, the standard procedure is for the exchange  to dial the PC and try to set up a ‘ live’ session. Should the PC not be available to accept the call, the exchange responds to the sender with the user’s answerback and places the message into a mailbox for subsequent transfer.


Application description

Real Time

Telex provides a degree of user choice within the real time portion of its service offering. Sending and receiving telexes can be viewed as separate functions.

Users typically begin with outbound messaging only and for the following reasons:

The largest proportion of telex costs result from outbound international call charges and Telex low tariff provides very significant savings without investment.

The transfer of a user’s telex line from their premises to the exchange always remains an option. However, it is strongly recommended that familiarity with Telex be first established prior to undertaking such an important step.


Store + Forward

In addition to Telex innovative real time telex feature, a full range of store and forward facilities can also be enjoyed which include multi-address, same number message batching, answerback verification and delivery of either telex or text-to-fax messages.

Telex automatically processes delivery status reports of messages submitted to the store and forward service and they can be retrieved manually or with a user-defined auto scheduler.



Basic functions include:


  • A message editor that also supports the import of text files
  • End-to-end real time telex conversation and transfer of message files
  • Single or multi-address store and forward messaging to telex and/or fax
  • Automatic file archive of all telex sessions
  • Manual or automatic print out of inbound and outbound telex sessions
  • Security of access with user-defined password protection
  • Encoding of all data being transmitted between Telex and exchange


Other functions include:


  • Reselection of previously dialled telex numbers
  • Selection by aliases (descriptive mini-codes)
  • An address book for frequently called telex numbers
  • User-defined text strings for translation of ‘non-telex’ characters
  • Optional on-line receipt or mailbox storage/retrieval of inbound telex
  • Optional session scheduler to automatically connect telex exchange




VSAT connection

Chartwell Telecom offers specific service –VSAT connection for customers with "clear channel" requirements.

The Satellite Link is - Digital point-to-point connection (32Kbps-2.048Mbps).

The customer needs a Satellite Link

  • If no leased line is available (IPL, MBS)
  • If the customer needs a second independent transmission medium
  • If the customer needs an unusual bandwidth (e.g. 320 Kbps)
  • If it is cheaper as a terrestrial product


What else is possible with a Satellite Link%3f

Transmission of data, voice, fax,... via additional multiplexers.

"We are in the process of providing major gasoline stations with fully automatic VSAT solutions. It will be very interesting to see what future business opportunities will come about with in the gasoline industry due to the fact this type of communication network is very cost effective."

Mark Zelman

Managing Director

Chartwell Telecom Ltd





Connection to  VISA acquiring centers

  • VISA acquiring centers in Ukraine (20 bank’s connections)
  • VISA acquiring centers in Serbia


Connection to Reuters

  • Reuters in Serbia and Montenegro (more than 40 connections)


 Connection to  ICAP

  • Connections of Latvian banks to ICAP center in United Kingdom, London


 Connection to  SWIFT


Chartwell Telecom is authorized partner of Orange/Equant providing any kind of SWIFT services in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe. Since 1996 a lot of Latvian banks as direct accounts are connected with SWIFT via access node ad local loops rented from incumbents.


For the moment 21 banks in the Baltics use Chartwell for connection to SWIFT system including local banks of SEB group, Swedbank, Danske Bank and National Bank of Lithuania.




Technical audits and analysis

  • анализ и аудит по следующим направлениям:
  • Технический аудит сетей
  • Анализ межсетевых соединений с аналогичными на территории страны заказчика и за ее пределами
  • Анализ и оценка юридической и правовой базы построения договороных взаимоотношений и взаиморасчетов с  клиентами
  • Анализ  безопасности и мониторинга сетей
  • Анализ обьединения удаленных представительств и технологических точек
  • Анализ  внедрения системы мониторинга бизнес процессов
  • Анализ внедрения ситемы предотвращения утечки конфиденциальной информации из корпоративных сетей
  • Анализ пути дальнейшего развития бизнеса в сфере IT/Telecom
  • Проработка и анализ проектной документации для бизнес центров


Примеры проведенных работ:

  • анализ применения WiMax технологии для телекоммуникационного провайдера в Болгарии,
  • анализ применения CDMA технологии для телекоммуникационного провайдера на Украине,
  • анализ формирования телекоммуникационного оператора в Либерии.



 Providing telecommunication equipment

Chartwell Telecom can provide any telecommunication equipment for customer’s network, install and support it upon the request.




Co-location & Hosting services


  1. Rent of server cabinet
  2. Rent of a part of a server cabinet (1U-42U)
  3. Remote configuration
  4. Server spare details storage
  5. Rent of dedicated server
  6. IaaS (VMware vCloud)
  7. System architecture, installation and maintenance
  8. Data storage
  9. Dedicated firewall
  10. Data backup and restore
  11. Disaster recovery solutions


  • co-location на европейских площадках


Услуга дает возможность размещать свои информационные ресурсы на удаленных площадках европейских дата-центров. Позволяет обеспечить высокий уровень безопасности с надежным электроснабжением и кондиционированием. 

Стойки размещены в местах присутствия основных операторов связи и ISP c включением в Интернет и подключением оборудования к каналам связи и электропитанию. Предоставлление техподдержки осуществляется по принципу «remote hands». Дополнительные услуги могут включать: 

  • Оut-sourcing аппликаций и др. ИТ услуги
  • Приобретение и конфигурация обрудования по заказу
  • Формирование VPN(виртуальных частных сетей)  различными технологиями
  • Возможность обеспечения технической поддержки 24/7


Возможные площадки находятся в Лондоне, Франкфурте, Стокгольме, Хельсинки, Риге и Милане.


  • предоставление выделенных серверов на европейских площадках


Выделенный сервер может предоставляться  как отдельная услуга или параллельно с услугой co-location. Подразумевает приобретение, конфигурацию и установку одного из предлагаемых типов серверов, установку операционной системы Lynux или Microsoft.

Возможна установка сервера по индивидуальному заказу. Стандартно используются серверы  Intel® Xeon® servers. В пакет услуги входит техподдержка в объеме 2 рабочих часов в месяц, остальное время оплачивается в соответствии со стандартными ценами.


Оборудование размещается в местах присутствия основных операторов связи и ISP c включением в Интернет и подключением к каналам связи и электропитанию. Предоставлление техподдержки осуществляется по принципу «remote hands». Дополнительные услуги могут включать: 

  • Оut-sourcing аппликаций и др. ИТ услуги
  • Установка программного обеспечения клиента
  • Формирование VPN  клиента различными технологиями
  • Возможность обеспечения технической поддержки 24/7


Возможные площадки находятся в Лондоне, Франкфурте, Стокгольме, Хельсинки, Риге и Милане.


  • предоставление виртуальных серверов на европейских площадках


Услуга базируется на платформе VMware. Платформа VMware состоит из ряда серверов и массивов памяти, из которых «нарезаются» виртуальные сервера.

Виртуальные сервера подобны файлам или имиджам, что позволяет им передвигаться внутри инфраструктуры VMware и использовать ее ресурсы – память, процессоры и пространство жестких дисков. Система обладает широким набором функций, в частности:

  • DRS-DynamicSchedulingOfSystemResources – динамическое распределение  системных ресурсов (постоянно отслеживает загруку ресурсов и  перераспределяет их между вируальными серверами в сответствии с их потребностями)
  • НА – Pro-activeHighAvailability – автоматически определяет неисправности сервера, что дает ВС большую жизнеспособность (даже при выходе из строя «железа», виртуальный сервер продолжает работать за счет того, что система создает новый ВС на другом физическом уровне и с использованием других частей инфраструктуры без участия человека)


Возможные площадки находятся в Лондоне, Франкфурте, Стокгольме, Хельсинки, Риге и Милане.





Chartwell Telecom is providing consulting services for enterprises, service providers and equipment suppliers.


The mentioned consultancy included range of features from technical audit and RFP (request for proposal) to marketing research.


Consultancy services are provided for such enterprises, equipment suppliers and service providers as:




  • TeliaSonera (ukrainian market research)
  • RTComm.RU (membership of LINX, operator’s infrastructure in Europe),
  • Nadra Bank (VSAT network in Ukraine),
  • Air Net (the deployment of Latvian rural FWA network),
  • Alcatel (the implementation of OMNI PCX for leasing group),
  • Cambridge Wireless (the russian market research).