General Information

Chartwell Telecom is a value-added telecommunications service integrator, creating coherent “turn-key” basis solutions to enable enterprises to communicate across international private networks, and have access to international services. In particular, Chartwell specializes in providing services to those enterprises requiring cost-effective communications with and within the United Kingdom, the Baltic States, Russia, Germany,Scandinavia and Ukraine, with capabilities developing in other European countries through its partners.The same time Chartwell has experience for providing service for customers in countries with a poor telecommunication infrastructure such as India and Jamaica.

Chartwell's solution are targeted at, and appropriate for, both large and small enterprises and communications service providers.

These services are supplied through a combination of in-house facilities and a network of partnerships with selected service providers across the region. They range from virtual private packet network and different kind of transmissions to equipment collocation and network support services.

A UK limited company, fonded in 1992, Chartwell Telecom has management from the UK, Baltic States and Russia, with many years of experience in the international public and private communications field.

We have:

  • knowledge of the telecommunication industry,
  • range of the interoperational agreements with leading carriers,
  • long-term contracts with multinationals and financial institutions,
  • multi-languages staff,
  • business process outsourcing,
  • number of high skilled subcontractors,
  • audited accounts, long credit history and tax optimization

Our History highlights


1992-1994 The first X.25 nodes were deployed for Chartwell’s customers who needed network expansion.

The implementation of the number of projects including:

-          local payment card system based on SMART card technology,

-          the connectivity with AMADEUS system for local travel agencies,

-          data network solution for World Bank in the Baltic countries. 


Frame Relay, Global Managed Bandwith based on NET, Nortel Passport Magellan and VSAT IP based on Andrew, Comstream been implemented.

Chartwell became the SWIFT spare holding center in the Baltic states. 


The network expansion of Frame Relay, Global Managed Bandwith based on Nortel Passport Magellan.

Installation of the clocking equipment produced by Datum.

VoIP service based on VocalTec equipment in Ukraine.

DATAFLEX/EUROTEL LCR equipment distribution and certification in Russia.  


Launched POP in London (UK).

Telex service moved to IP platform.

Test for new satellite solutions accomplished together with Plenexis.

Interoperational agreements with major of operators in Russia and Europe were signed. 


Lunched a POP in Frankfurt, Germany.

Lunhed a POP in Bromma, Sweden. 

2008-2012 Chartwell became the telecommunication provider for BT in Serbia and Montenegro for Reuters service.